Our largest and exceptionally selected collection of tile from Italian tile, Polished, Matted and Rough and also Mosaic. Globalhome carries the largest collection of tile here in the Philippines that came from different point of locations, countries and industry to sustain the demanding support of tile trend and design.

Italian Tiles

Italian tile or stoneware with superb technical characteristics, perfect for any flooring space with style: within our Italian tile collection, Design and beauty are diverse together with the right balance of tradition and modernity that perfect to your needs. Each stone has different intensity and enchanting tones of real experience and outstanding ambient.

Italian Tile Collections

Commercial and Home

Polished porcelain or homogeneous tiles are much modern, chic and minimalist style for you that can put or express yourself. The characteristic of shininess is an inherent feature in polished porcelain and homogenies tiles, regardless of the color, size and collections and it is also help to improve the cleanliness of your environment. It’s all anti stain and more.

Gloss and Polished Tiles

Outdoor Quality

Unglazed or matt and rough surface tile can outstand to all weather condition with right specification in areas of application. It is also available in various collection and sizes with style of notch, arc edge and more. This is the most widely ideal for any traditional or rusting looks that can replace the Italian tile or natural stone for yard application.

Matt and Rough Tiles

Mosaic Tiles

The best thing for mosaic tile is that extremely decorative and it can outstand your space of application. The design of each mosaic is explicitly arrange and combine to form different looks and feels that match to your taste and there’s no other type of tiling that would look so beautiful that mosaic.

Mosaic Tile Collections

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