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The Best Floor Tiles in the Philippines from Globalhome

If you want stunning interior designs for your homes, then selecting the best floor tiles in the Philippines should be a priority. Floor tiles will affect not only the appearance of your home, but also the overall cleanliness, neatness, and ambiance.

There are many choices when it comes to design and material, and they should both be considered if you want the tiles to fit your preference. Some tiles work best in certain rooms or color schemes, while others give off their own aura. What floor tiles would work best for you?

Types of Floor Tile Products

If you’re looking for the best floor tiles in the Philippines, these three are of special interest as they offer the best-looking options. Let’s take a closer look at marble tiles, granite tiles, and wooden tiles, and how they can significantly improve the design of your home.

Marble Tiles

Marble tiles are known to be one of the most expensive kinds of tiles. Despite the price tag, it gives your home a clean and beautiful design, making it one of the best floor tiles in the Philippines.

Marble tiles can come in many colors and designs and can withstand much pressure from everyday use. But this natural stone might still have rough areas because it is porous in nature.

Thankfully, new technology gives us the engineered stone tile, which uses marble and other materials to give the same effect but without the roughness. Its precise measurements make it an ideal tile if you want the marble effect on your floor.

Ariostea’s engineered stone tiles are developed using in-house technology that makes them more compact and gives them resistance to abrasion, frost, chemicals, and other wearing factors.

Granite Tiles

Some of the most durable floor tiles in the Philippines are made out of granite. These granite tiles are made out of tough natural stone, smoothed, repurposed, and redesigned to be appealing and durable flooring. Considered a luxury, granite tiles in the Philippines will give your home a stylish finish that should match most designs.

Wooden tiles

The wooden aesthetic is a famous one for floor tiles in the Philippines because of the fresh, homey atmosphere they exude. You can never go wrong with natural, hardwood flooring.

Wooden flooring designed by professionals with an attractive finish creates a home environment that feels natural and fresh.

Globalhome: Your Best Choice For High-Quality Tile Products

For quality floor tiles in the Philippines, you’ve come to the right place! We have been the Philippine industry standard for building materials since the 1990s, and floor tiles are no exception. Globalhome boasts premium materials for luxury homes and other purposes.

Premium, trusted floor tile brands

We offer products from only premium and trusted floor tile brands. Each with their own expertise, the four brands shine brightest in their fields.

The product range of Ariostea covers marble, stone, and wood materials using high-end technology to create the best output. Their products have top-notch functionality and are hygienic, safe, and incredibly durable. Constant innovation drives their tile design, but still recreates materials that cater to our rich history, high culture, and exquisite tastes.

With their passion and keen eye for detail, Ariostea creates tiles of premium caliber and tasteful aesthetics.

The other brands specialize in other styles and materials for floor tiles in the Philippines. Feel free to check them out as well!

Outstanding build and design quality

With these brands, you are assured of good build and design quality for floor tiles in the Philippines. The variety of designs will be sure to match whatever aesthetic needs your home may have.


For your convenience, you may browse through our product range and have your selection delivered to you right away! Contact us directly to get your products delivered to you, or go to our showrooms to select your designs.

Why You Need Floor Tiles

Most people underestimate the importance of floor tiles. Why are they important to your home?

Protective surfaces

Tiles provide better surfaces for you to walk on instead of the raw cement or other following materials. Floor tiles will make you comfortable to walk barefoot, and can even work well with underfloor heating.

Easy to clean

Floor tiles in the Philippines are built sturdy — they don’t give in easily to wear. Substance and stains also sit on the surface where they can easily be cleaned. Talk about a durable cleaning convenience!

Interior design

The interior design is significantly affected by the design of the floor. This is why good floor tile manufacturers come up with many visually striking designs — to make sure something catches your eye. Most ceramic floor tiles are used for easy designing purposes, but only the best can provide you with beautiful designs using luxury materials.

The masterful use of floor tile design can produce the comfiest and most refreshing home environments there are.

Why Use Ariostea’s Floor Tiles

The aesthetic expressions of Ariostea’s floor tiles in the Philippines exude the creativity and beauty of raw materials combined with technological expertise and Italian artistry. The various collections, dimensions, and colors offered by Ariostea provide endless design capabilities. Each floor tile is 100% engineered stone, rich in personality, with more allure and versatility than your regular floor tile.

The critical factor to the quality of their tiles lies in the fusion of innovation and aesthetics — Ariostea’s floor tiles in the Philippines are the only tiles in the world that are certified anti-pollution and bactericidal. So, not only do they add to the beauty of your home, but they bring in unparalleled safety and hygiene value as well. With their patented Active™ Surfaces, Ariostea ensures their floor tiles are anti-pollution, anti-odor, self-cleaning, and bactericidal. They are the superior material for your property.

Using Floor Tiles

Floor tiles in the Philippines can liven up almost any room. The three most common are the bathroom, kitchen, and living room.


The bathroom is often the place where people can relax the most. Neutral colors are the common choice to make the environment non-stressful. Sometimes, a dark design like that of the Pulpia Bronze tiles from Ariostea’s ULTRA Marmi Collection can provide some comfort with its brownish hue. Add some well-placed ambient lighting and you would soon be bathing in luxury.

If you’re into lighter color tiles, the Bianco Calacatta tiles from the same collection would fit great for your bathroom!


The kitchen is a great place for marble finish surfaces. Be it countertops or floor tiles, the flowy design and stain-resistant nature of marble tiles fit the niche very well. The Crystal Sky tile from Marmi Classic Collection of Ariostea would certainly give your kitchen that luxury marble look!

Another option could be Crema Marfil from the same collection if you prefer lighter browns in your kitchen!

Living Room

Improve your living room with the Onice Grigio from the ULTRA Onice collection from Ariostea! The wider spaces of living rooms would be good places for the large sizes of the ULTRA tiles.

If you prefer a wooden effect on your living room tiles, the same collection also has Green and Grey Onyx Vein Cut tiles!

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