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Granite Countertop In The Philippines From Globalhome

The countertop is one of the most crucial parts of the home. The surface of countertops must be suitable for direct contact with food and should not be damaged when cutting ingredients or when exposed to acidic ingredients. In terms of aesthetics, countertops are often the stunning focal points of kitchens. The choice of countertop material proves to be challenging. This is why we’ll tell you exactly why many aspiring home designers opt for a granite countertop in the Philippines.

Globalhome has been the leading tile and building material supplier in the Philippines since the 1990s. With this, we also recognize the benefits of using a granite countertop in the Philippines. Out of all tile design options, granite countertops are the ones that offer an elegant and timeless look as well as unmatched durability. All these features come together to make your home look refreshingly polished for the years to come.

If you are thinking about purchasing a granite countertop in the Philippines for installations in your home, we prove just why doing so can improve your interior design in more ways than one.

Different Colors and Finishes Of Granite Countertop In The Philippines Colors

Granite countertops are composed mostly of quartz, feldspar, and other minerals. Variations in these minerals give granite numerous colors and finishes. This is why today you’ll easily find a granite countertop in the Philippines that matches your design preferences.

At Globalhome, our high-end tile collection for granite countertops in the Philippines is from Antolini. As a global leader in natural stone production, Antolini granite countertops are made only with the most sought-after materials and revolutionary treatments for natural stones such as the Avacuumprocess®, Azerocare®, and Azerobact®plus. All these innovative solutions offer stain-resistance, etching-resistance, chemical-resistance, easy maintenance, bacterial protection, optimal polishing, and immense durability.

Antolini’s granite countertops dress up kitchens in luxury as a result of innovative workmanship, extensively researched surface treatments, and state-of-the-art technology. Quarrying of the natural stones is done around the best and most limited mining sites across the world and perfected in Italy.

Aspiring home designers can choose from Antolini’s 13,000 design selections and 88 exclusive collections. Rest assured you’ll find a shade and finish that these carefully crafted granite countertop tiles from Antolini cater to a variety of tastes — from classic and delicate to ultra-modern styles. The result is a striking decor element that goes beyond function. The countertop slabs can also be translucent or backlit to bring a whole new level of dynamic beauty to the natural stone.

Vibrant Colored Countertops

Spectrolite Blue

Antolini’s Spectrolite Blue granite tile has a distinctive look that is almost reminiscent of the infinite space where bright blue stars lighten up the darkness. Its details of speckled, enigmatic bright blue natural stones are eye-catching, making it an ideal tile for your granite countertop in the Philippines. Match it with white furnishings for a truly magnetic design.

Irish Green

Want to opt for a stunning green colored granite countertop in the Philippines? Then, the Antolini Irish Green tile is for you. With different shades of green adorn with white veining details, it can make you feel you’re in the middle of ancient forests and fields.

Explosion Blue

With blue and white veining that mirrors waves in a nocturnal dark sea, installing slabs of the Antolini Explosion Blue tile is truly the key to creating a dramatic granite countertop in the Philippines. One look at this natural stone tile is enough to tell that it will create movements and enhance beauty throughout your kitchen.

Calacatta Verde

The Antolini Calacatta Verde is another magnificent tile slab option for those who want a striking granite countertop in the Philippines. On top of the tile’s white background are green-hued vein details that almost look like lush forest moss. It will definitely add a touch of nature to your kitchen area.


The Antolini Hurricane is a countertop tile that perfectly captures the tension, chaoticness, and understated beauty of the said natural disaster. The contrast of the colors dark gray, pale white, lavish sapphire, and dark maroon exudes a mysterious vibe.

Fusion Wow “Original Multicolor”

If you want a granite countertop in the Philippines that reminds you of iridescent flares and distant lands, then the Antolini Fusion Wow “Original Multicolor” is for you. With intense maroon colors and fine wave veining, this multicolor granite tile will offer an elegant kitchen look.

Black Colored Countertops

Black Ice

As the name suggests, Antolini’s Black Ice Granite tile adds a bold touch to countertops. The fine white streaks on top of a textured pitch-black backdrop provides a three-dimensional look. The closer you get to observe the beauty of this granite tile, the more you will notice that it resembles millions of comets and asteroids rushing by the night sky. It can create a stunningly distinctive look when used.

Black Cosmic

The Antolini Black Cosmic White tile stays true to its name with white veins on top of an intense black background. On top of that, the golden-colored grains further emphasize the granite slab’s sophistication.

Python Black

Python snakes are beautiful creatures often priced for their multi-colored skin. The Antolini Python Black tile takes inspiration from the python snake’s skin with white patches thoughtfully placed on top of a black background. Thanks to its exquisite design, the Python Black is an ideal material for a luxurious granite countertop in the Philippines.


Another tile from Antolini with a marble look is the Belvedere. With gold and white veins emerging from a dark background, this Antolini granite tile provides observers an unexpected and provocative beauty. It’s the perfect material for modern kitchens.

White Colored Countertops

Fantastic White

Today’s contemporary homes are predominantly covered by all-white hues. For this reason, Antolini’s Fantastic White Granite tile is used for many Philippine granite countertops for achieving a bright and warm interior ambiance. One can say this granite tile evokes pictures of long sandy beaches. Its pure light spectrum color with grey speckles is very trendy in kitchens with contemporary interior design.

Dover White

The Antolini Dover White is undoubtedly one of the most elegant materials for a granite countertop in the Philippines. It has irregular veining details with grey and milky-white tones at each slab, making it ideal for lightening up kitchens.

Bianco Lasa | Covelano Macchia Vecchia

For a picturesque marble granite countertop, there’s no doubt that Antolini’s Bianco Lasa | Covelano Macchia Vecchia is the perfect choice. Its uniform and grainy dark veining and translucent white background offers a stunning chromatic contrast for your kitchen.

Neutral Colored Countertops

Golden Beach

Ever wanted to feel like you’re on a serene vacation while you’re at home? The Antolini Golden Beach granite tile perfectly exudes this feeling with its yellow hues that resemble sand.

Patagonia Original

Prefer a more eye-catching granite countertop in the Philippines? Then, Antolini’s Patagonia Original granite tile will be the perfect focal point of your cooking space. The Patagonia Original has wide color spots that remind you of giant islands within an archipelago. It also has earthy neutral tones that give off a mysterious vibe.

Silver Grey Granite

Antolini’s multi-faceted Silver Grey Granite tile falls nothing short of extraordinary with its grey backdrop adorned with white veining. It is ideal for those who want a granite countertop in the Philippines that matches industrial interior designs. Having a similar look to cement tiling materials, the splendid granite tile is designed to provide both comfort and elegance in kitchen spaces.

Quartzite Celadon

Looking for a gray countertop material? The Antolini Quartzite Celadon granite is extremely sturdy and instantly recognizable upon one step into your kitchen. It has an astonishing gray hued marble look and fine dark veining, which is a trademark result of only the finest quarrying techniques.


The Antolini Corteccia granite tile has marbleized veins that are similar to age-old tree trunks. Its other hues are a blend of greys, white, browns, creams, and oranges, making the tile ideal for contemporary kitchens. When used for your granite countertop in the Philippines, it will bring warmth to the whole room.

Elegant Brown

Nature never ceases to amaze with its creations and that’s the same feeling that the Antolini Elegant Brown wants to impart once used for your granite countertop in the Philippines. The wood-inspired tile has dark red streaks blended with grey and black hues. It also has a thin subway pattern, making it ideal for both outdoor and indoor kitchens.

Brown Chocolate

The Brown Chocolate granite tile from Antolini will instantly envelope anyone in its warm tone. Brown chocolate is one of the newest sought-after colors of granite countertops in the Philippines. For good reason, it brings to mind components of nature, land, and life itself. Perfect for adding a rustic and minimalist touch, this granite tile in the Philippines will bestow an intimate atmosphere all throughout the year.

Pros and Cons of Granite Countertops

For the longest time, granite countertops have been well-loved for adding gorgeous aesthetics and a heightened sense of practicality in kitchens. How do you know if a granite countertop in the Philippines is right for you? Antolini’s granite tile collection uses different treatments and technology processes to make sure each slab of tile is made with superior quality. Here is a closer look at the pros and cons of using granite tiles in the Philippines for your countertop.


Unmatched Timeless Beauty

A granite countertop in the Philippines exudes a luxurious and elegant look that other tiling options can match. It has a timeless aura that makes up for a high-quality kitchen and never fails to become the design focal point.

Take Antolini’s granite tiles for example. They are made with the Avacuumprocess®. This revolution process involves vacuum-soaking the slabs with special resins. As a result, the beauty of the natural stoned tiles slabs are enhanced, looking stunningly polished when manufactured.

A Wide Array Of Color Options

From the design point of view, the heavily varied color palette of granite countertops in the Philippines allows the tiling product to be matched with all kinds of furniture and accessories. With colors and finishes that are second to none in current offerings for countertop materials, you can easily find a granite design that blends with your interiors perfectly.

When you use Antolini granite tiles, you will never run out of design options. There are exquisite styles that vary not only in color, but also finish and texture.


Using a granite countertop in the Philippines means benefitting from immense durability, and consequently best value for money. Granite countertops are seen as investments as they are naturally resistant to high temperatures, scratches, stains, and chemical products. Unlike other countertop materials, the surface of granite does not burn and does not get damaged from scratches and chemicals, or acids.

Antolini granite countertops are made with the innovative Azerocare® treatment. As the first of its kind, the treatment fully protects the granite tiles from etching, staining, UV rays, color alterations, oils, water, and grease.

Low Environmental Impact

Having a granite countertop in the Philippines from Globalhome is beneficial for the planet because the slabs of tiles can be recycled after use. Made with natural clays and mineral colors that are pressed and fired, the tiles have a low environmental impact.

Take the Antolini granite tiles for example. Its Azerocare® treatment does not produce emissions in application, making it eco-friendly.

Low Maintenance and Sanitary

Perhaps the best benefit of having a granite countertop is the fact that they require little maintenance. With all the benefits you get from installing a granite countertop in the Philippines, you might think it would be difficult to maintain, but a simple cleaning with ordinary soap and water is enough to preserve its pristine condition, making it an ideal surface material for food preparation.

Antolini has responded to the need for countertops that provide sanitation and protection. Through the patented Azerobact®plus treatment, the surfaces of their granite tiles inhibit the formation and proliferation of bacteria, making it ideal for keeping your kitchen hygienic. Using it for your granite countertop in the Philippines guarantees both a stunning aesthetic and a healthier surface. It is also easy to clean with water, soap, and a non-abrasive cloth.


Labor-Intensive Installation

When installing a granite countertop, it is advisable to seek professional help because the tiles are heavy. Expertise is required so that the slab does not break throughout the installation. If you would like Globalhome to recommend you a professional, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Difficult To Remove

If you are planning to have a granite countertop in the Philippines, make sure you are installing it for the long run. Granite countertops are immensely durable and will maintain their pristine and timeless look. However, they are difficult to remove just as they are difficult to install.

Uses Of Granite Tiles

Granite tiles are not only used for the kitchen area alone. Given that they are versatile tiling options, granite tiles can be utilized for different parts of the house. The choice is truly yours.

Kitchen Countertop

One of the most common uses of granite tiles is for kitchen countertops. With their ability to resist stains, heat, and chemicals, granite tiles are ideal for the food preparation area. They also come in a vast range of colors to match the kitchen decor.


Tabletops are important facets of interior design and functionality. The surface of the table must adapt to many uses including working, holding items, and more. Granite tiles are ideal table top materials for offering resistance to scratches and stains.

Bathroom Vanity Top

The bathroom vanity top is often the most used area of homes for personal hygiene and pampering, which is why using a granite tile is most ideal. Its durability and natural resistance to chemicals and stains allow it to endure bathroom environments.


The main purpose of a kitchen backsplash is to protect the wall from stains and splatters while cooking. This is why the stain-resistant and easy-to-clean properties of granite tiles prove to be ideal.

Get Your Granite Countertop In The Philippines From Globalhome!

If you’re looking for high-end materials for your granite countertop in the Philippines and quartz countertop in the Philippines, order from Globalhome — the Philippine industry standard for building materials since the 1990s. We offer imported luxury tile brand options from Antolini that exceed clients’ expectations. With versatile colors and finishes, you can rest assured you can find the tile that will match your home best.

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