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Listone Giordano: Engineered Wood Flooring – Globalhome Banner
Listone Giordano: Engineered Wood Flooring – Globalhome Banner

Traditional vs. Engineered Wood

Wood flooring is quite naturally sought after materials for its beauty and sense of wellness, this guide you not only by aesthetic criteria but in major technical component.

Solid Wood

  • Re-wax the surface for continuous protection

  • Deep clean to remove dirt, oil and grime build-up over time

  • Absorb water and retain smells

  • Develop unpleasant wood stain odor over time

  • Costly maintenance to maintain looks and durability

  • Uneven surfaces. Irregularities in the base support show up on the surface

  • Stucco deterioration and dirt accumulation

  • Without extra treatment, termites are attracted and likely to infest

  • Absorb water seepage and build molds

  • Cupping and crowing due to absorption of excess moisture

  • Intricate application and required blind nailing

  • Sub-flooring application before hardwood

  • Need to stabilize the planks for a few weeks after installation

  • Required crack filling, sanding and polishing after installation

  • Irregular edge and surface of hardwood and splinters problem

Engineered Wood

  • Crystalcare® Protection

  • Use normal mop to wash and clean the floor regularly

  • Crosscuts provided flexibility

  • Ready to be walked on, no sanding or polishing is needed

  • More practical application and perfect anywhere in the house

  • Multi-layer support provided greatest level of stability and resistance

  • Crystalcare® best protection for surface with common domestic liquids

  • Child-friendly environment with Toy Certification (EN71-3)

  • Solvent-free solutions and no emmision

  • Highest thermal efficiency and resistance to huge foot traffic with multi-layer technology

  • Glue-down application and without risk of hollow sounds

  • Direct application is highly efficient and stronger base support

  • Ready to be walked on, no treatment required after installation

  • No sanding or polishing needed once it has been laid, No waiting

  • Extraordinary precision joints, tongue and groove system and cut using diamond-tip



Engineered Tile


Natural Stone