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Globalhome’s Quartz Countertop In The Philippines

Painstakingly engineered by first-class suppliers in Italy, Globalhome presents the finest quartz countertop in the Philippines from Sapienstone. Strikingly beautiful — quartz’s unique blend of multidimensional elegance and natural stone feel make it one of the best choices for your interiors.

Globalhome’s Extensive Quartz Countertop Collection in the Philippines

Globalhome’s quartz countertop in the Philippines from Sapienstone comes in a wide variety of designs, derived from its marble-look-like beauty, gem-like colors, and tasteful aesthetics.

SapienStone countertop slabs are crafted to showcase the best of Italian craftsmanship. Its natural resistance to stain, heat, water, and scratches proves it is made for even the toughest and humid kitchen environments. The SapienStone’s Active Surface™ is anti-pollution, antibacterial, antiviral, and anti-odor, allowing direct contact with food while protecting the environment as well. Lastly, the Sapienstone is a quartz countertop in the Philippines that can be integrated into the latest induction cookers with touch controls.

If you’re looking for kitchen countertops that combine beauty, practicality, and technology, the Sapienstone collection is the best choice. Check out our range of colors and finishes below:

Alpi Chiaro Vento

Alpi Chiaro Venato is a supremely elegant quartz countertop in the Philippines, made by Sapienstone. It features a dark, elegant background behind fine white veins. This countertop is a distinctive and versatile design that goes well with both light and dark furnishing. The Alpi Chiaro works with both traditional and modern styles and is applicable in both private and public spaces.

Basalt Cream

Basalt Cream is a quartz countertop design that was inspired by the raw beauty of volcanic rock. Expertly crafted, it adds an air of natural elegance to any kitchen. Its cream hue is delicate and calm, which works particularly well in open and modern spaces. This quartz countertop in the Philippines has a light, subtly textured surface, which adds visual interest for the viewer.

Urban Argento

Urban Argento is another popular quartz countertop in the Philippines, which is attributed to it having a versatile shade of grey. This dynamic hue is one that is favored for kitchen worktops. Our Urban Argento is inspired by the calm colors of metal and gives off an industrial feel. The surface is light to the touch and can be matched with cabinets, furniture, and decorations of almost every color imaginable.

Fior Di Bosco

This quartz countertop is simple yet elegant, made with a serene gray background highlighted by subtle white veins, a cloudy, smooth texture, and soft gradient transitions. The Fior Di Bosco is the perfect quartz countertop in the Philippines for giving your rooms a tranquil and graceful atmosphere.

Uni Ice

A strong, classic choice from our Sapienstone collection. Uni Ice is an ultra-white countertop with a bright, uniform appearance. This quartz countertop in the Philippines, with its translucent coloring, adds a touch of simplicity and lightness to your space. It’s the top material for those who want a strong, decisive design, but do not want to overpower other design elements in the room.


Geometric-style options are also offered by Globalhome. From our Sapienstone collection, we present the Piasentina, which offers a neutral background of warm gray, highlighted with thin streaks of white. This quartz’s slight texture and clean lines provide definition, further accentuating Piasentina's appeal. This is a tasteful choice for those who want to add some delicately complex and understated character to the room.

Black Diamond

Some rooms are meant for socializing, meetings, leisure, and entertainment. The style and design of these hospitality rooms need to exude a certain warmth and charm to achieve their function. For these spaces, we highly recommend our Black Diamond quartz countertop in the Philippines. This material has a black, lightly grained background featuring minute flecks and veins of white and gold. Designed to offer a sense of refinement, yet understated as to be welcoming.

The Benefits of Globalhome’s Quartz Countertops

A quartz countertop in the Philippines not only brings unparalleled sophistication, aesthetics, and beauty to your home — it also outperforms all other materials through its natural strengths.

Incredibly Strong and Durable

Countertops need to hold up to anything to meet the needs of their household. Made from naturally robust minerals, a quartz countertop in the Philippines guarantees exceptional performance through its incredible strength and durability. Globalhome’s countertops and floor tiles in the Philippines allow you to relax and use your counters, without worrying constantly about potentially damaging it, or needing extra care for it.

Hygienic and Safe

In addition to being long-lasting, quartz is non-porous, making it one of the most hygienic and safe options for your home. Globalhome’s offerings of quartz countertop in the Philippines are all stain and liquid-resistant — all without needing sealant or additional treatment. In a kitchen where oils, drinks, and other substances are often at risk of spilling, this benefit is much needed.

Luxurious Appearance

Quartz comes in an incredibly wide range of colors, patterns, and combinations. This allows our partners to craft some of the most stunning materials in the market. We have carefully selected the best of the best, ensuring our catalog has countertops that have luxurious appearances that mimic the look of the natural beauty of the world around us — such as the sea, forests, and mountains.

Enhanced by Technology

Using exclusive technologies and processes, Globalhome’s partners can add even more value to using a quartz countertop in the Philippines. Azerocare® is a revolutionary treatment for quartz that enhances its durability and longevity. Azerobact® Plus augments the quartz’s antibacterial and anti-stain properties. The AVacuum® Process applies vacuum technologies and specially-formulated resin to increase the material’s resistance to force.

Quartz Countertop Care Guide

While using a quartz countertop in the Philippines is generally low-maintenance, there are a few key things that every owner should keep in mind after installation to ensure proper care for their first-class countertops.

Light Cleaning

Though your quartz countertop from Globalhome is capable of resisting permanent stains, it is advisable to regularly clean our products. Spills and residue can be easily removed using mild dishwashing detergent and a soft cloth.

Deep Cleaning

While regular cleaning and attention to spills and messes will satisfy our product’s maintenance requirements, we also recommend a deep clean every few months. For the best results, spray a layer of nonabrasive kitchen cleaner on your countertop, and let sit for ten minutes. Wipe away with a soft sponge or cloth, and your countertop will be as good as new.

Preventing Damage

Our quartz countertop is extremely durable — it is one of the strongest materials available in the Philippines. However, nothing is indestructible, and preserving our product’s integrity comes with some reminders.

  1. Avoid quick temperature changes, and use hot pads or trivets for pans, crockpots, and electric skillets.
  2. Avoid using knives directly on our countertops, as they can still be slightly damaged when subjected to extreme force with sharp objects.
  3. Avoid using highly acidic or alkaline cleaners.

With this simple care guide, you ensure that your quartz countertop in the Philippines can be used to its fullest.

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