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Wood Flooring In The Philippines From Globalhome

Whether it’s a residential building, coffee shop, restaurant, hotel, school, or government office—wood flooring in the Philippines can instantly upgrade the look of a space. As a classic and timeless building material, it can increase the value of your property. If you’re interested in premium and high-quality wood flooring, you can find it here at Globalhome. We are the top supplier of everything from world-class quartz countertops to granite tiles in the Philippines. Continue reading to learn more.

Wood Flooring In The Philippines

Listone Giordano is known worldwide because of its expertise in high-end and luxurious wood flooring. A brand that began in the 1870s, they are dedicated to the pursuit of perfection, so that clients can experience quality living and excellence in their building projects.

What makes Listone Giordano the best brand choice for wood flooring in the Philippines? The Listone Giordano collection showcases the best of Italian craftsmanship with engineered wood that comes with multi-layer technology. The secret to the flooring’s stability and no hollow sound or spongy feel is a complex system of birch wood layers and marine glue. Listone Giordano sources solvent-free, water-based, and national oil varnish protective finishes from NaturPlus, XPlus, and MattPlus to offer unequalled resistance from any debris. With excellent resistance to humidity and thermal condition, the wood flooring will not warp, shrink, nor expand as well. Lastly, Listone Giordano revolutionizes wood flooring in the Philippines with geometrically cut patterns. It is a uniformly aesthetic sight that is featured in some of the top architectural projects worldwide to date.

From Burj Khalifa in Dubai, Casa Batlló Gaudì in Spain, Galleria Piazza Scala in Italy, Bvlgari Showroom in Rome, Daeyang gallery and house in South Korea, and more — Listone Giordano’s wood floorings are enjoyed all over the world.

Here is a list of collections you can choose from:

Listone Giordano Classica

The signature brand from Listone Giordano, the Classica collection is known for hardwood flooring that exudes quality and beauty. It offers wood in its natural, purest, and timeless elegance, which goes beyond simple trends and blends with any interior design. Here, you will find countless options of wood, colors, finishes, and sizes that are suitable for a wide variety of applications.

The types of wood used came from different countries, and environments, which explains the distinctive appearance and personality of each one. The materials also undergo high production standards to offer the best quality.

If you’re looking for classic and timeless wood flooring in the Philippines, Classica provides a list of options:

  • Oak
  • Oak Puro
  • Tamarindo
  • Testa Di Moro
  • Tortora
  • Grigio de Luna
  • American Walnut

Listone Giordano Natural Genius

The Natural Genius collection of wood flooring shows the creativity of Italian Designers. Each one redefines and transforms classic wood and common laying patterns into something contemporary, ultramodern, and unique. If you’re looking for special wood flooring in the Philippines, you can find this collection at Globalhome.

Medoc is designed by Michele de Lucchi to embody the appearance and essence of wood by using the “trunk” outline. Aside from the aesthetic appeal of the trapezoidal planks, it also serves a purpose—to not waste wood unnecessarily in the straightening process.

Slide by Daniele Lago combines mathematics and geometry to create unique wood-laying patterns. Three simple shapes can be used to create endless modular compositions.

Biscuit by Patricia Urquiola is characterized by rounded, beveled, and curved boards. This opens up a new world of designs and compositions in flooring.

Listone Giordano Heritage Filigrana

If you’re looking for expertly designed wood flooring in the Philippines, you won’t be disappointed with Liston Giordano’s Filigrana Heritage. The certified French oak is treated with special open-pore brushing to enhance the texture of the wood. This removes the softer parts of the wood, resulting in a fluid surface which shows the beautiful grain of the material. This elegant wooden flooring is suitable for contemporary living.

Here at Globalhome, you can choose from the following colors:

  • Citta Della Pieve 1999
  • Oak Civita 1695

Listone Giordano Outdoor

Wood flooring in the Philippines is mainly used for indoor applications, but it can also be beautiful and eye-catching when placed outdoors. To withstand mechanical stress, Listone Giordano uses patented technologies that provide strength and durability to the flooring. Along with this, Teak is chosen because of its resistance to external factors.

The Marine Teak uses a two-layer wood flooring system, with Teak at the top and birch plywood for support. The two are bonded using high-performance adhesives for durability.

Benefits of Installing Wood Flooring

As an important step of decorating your home, choosing wood flooring is the type of choice you might only do once in your life. This means that you need to find the right brand that will suit your long-term needs.

Listone Giordano’s wood flooring in the Philippines has always been a popular choice for customers who want to incorporate a long-lasting material in their homes and establishments. Because of the classic appeal of wood, a touch of ageless beauty and uniqueness is instantly added to the space. If you’re still hesitating, here are some of the perks you will experience if you choose to have this designer wooden material installed:

Classic And Timeless

Hardwood flooring has been used for centuries. Wood was cut, scraped, sanded, stained, and polished by hand. Because of the laborious and meticulous process, wooden flooring was mostly used by royal and affluent families. It was more than a flooring — it was, and still is, a part of an art masterpiece.

Today, Listone Giordano’s wooden flooring still signifies luxury, fine taste, and ageless beauty. Wood’s appearance might be imitated through other materials, but the unique feel and substance will never be. This makes wooden flooring one-of-kind but still a classic.


Listone Giordano’s wood flooring in the Philippines is available in countless designs, textures, shapes, and colors to suit different decor themes. Different woods such as oak, walnut, teak, and birch are used to achieve different looks and patterns. For clients searching for something unique, there are also designer pieces available for purchase.


Wooden floors, which are either made from solid or engineered wood, are highly durable—especially those that are made by reputable brands such as Listone Giordano, whose wooden floorings can last for up to 100 years.

What makes Listone Giordano stand out from the rest of the wood flooring in the Philippines is the balance between strength and controllability. The top consists of a specially formulated eight-layer varnish treatment that provides unparalleled resistance against abrasion, liquids, impact, tearing, oxidation, and other causes of damage.

Beneath its protective finish lies natural solidity and multilayered support, further enhancing the product’s durability. This design makes it completely stable, highly resistant to warping, wear, and tear. Some variants are even made with special technology to withstand mechanical stresses, which makes them suitable for outdoor use as well.

Low Maintenance

Maintaining Listone Giordano’s wood flooring in the Philippines is fairly straightforward. Different types of finishes are used —whether it’s varnish or oil — to achieve results such as a smoother surface, a more natural appearance, greater resistance to foot traffic, or extra protection.

No matter the finish used, maintenance will only require a little bit of effort. In exchange for that, you will strike a balance between practicality and naturalness. The wood will maintain its appearance for decades as long as it’s well-cared for.

Improved Air Quality

With Listone Giordano’s hardwood floors, dust, pollen, animal dander, and other particulate matter that cause allergic reactions can easily be cleaned and removed.

But that’s not the only benefit of wood flooring. From the time the trees are grown, it absorbs carbon dioxide and retains it. In exchange, oxygen is released for humans and animals to inhale in. A forest cultivated for trees provides a supply of wood but also ensures the quality of the air we breathe.

Better Quality Of Life

A wood flooring from Listone Giordano promises wellness and comfort. The warmth and the texture of wood is different from other materials. It makes you feel cozy the moment the product makes direct contact with your skin. That’s why in some places, wood is used for therapy. In addition to that, wooden floors also have natural acoustic properties. It can absorb sound, which means that vibrations can be reduced.

Fortunately, you don’t have to worry about making direct contact with Listone Giordano’s wood floorings. The materials are free from non-toxic products — whether it’s a solvent, chemical, or preservative that could evaporate into the air and be harmful.

Aside from their aesthetic and ambient benefits, Listone Giordano’s wood floorings integrate state-of-the-art technology in their varnishes — Crystalcare®. It is a highly effective, broad-spectrum antibacterial solution that repels harmful microbes and pathogens, reducing bacteria by more than 95% in just 24 hours.

On top of its antibacterial properties, Listone Giodano’s flooring also carries a Toy Certification UNI EN 71-3:2014 and Crystal Care®- ISO22196:2007. This means they meet all international standards for flame resistance and mechanical safety. It also guarantees there are no toxic elements or heavy metals present in the flooring — these products are wholly safe for you to use.


Listone Giordano’s wood flooring in the Philippines is made with sustainability in mind. To help you understand, think of wood. It’s a material made by nature and it grows entirely nourished by sunlight and rain. Although the growth is slow, the process is completely ecological.

With the focus on energy-saving production processes and recycling methods, Listone Giordano’s production plant has received the ISO 14001 certification. This recognizes the brand’s commitment to reduce environmental impact and pollution.

Listone Giordano is also PEFC certified for sustainable forest management. This shows their manufacturing activities deliver social, environmental, and economic benefits, and properly maintain their forestry resources. Through this protocol, they practice environmental responsibility.

Furthermore, as part of their sustainability policy, they guarantee that all the components and materials used in making their flooring are 100% environmentally friendly. Meaning, they use no formaldehyde, radiation, preservatives, solvents, and other toxic substances in any of their wooden floorings.

Experience The Benefits Of High-Quality Wood Flooring From Globalhome!

Residential buildings, commercial spaces, and government offices use wood flooring in the Philippines because of the benefits it brings. The timeless beauty of wood can stand the test of time due to the strength of the tree used, and the technology applied to it. With a list of designs and finishes to choose from, it can suit any decor theme.

If you’re interested to learn more about our floor tiles in the Philippines, you can contact us here at Globalhome.